Accomodation at BGI Academy or Hotel Vejle Fjord

Our camp packages offer accomodation at either the camp venue BGI Acadamy or the 4-star Hotel Vejle Fjord.

BGI Academy

During the camp, it is possible to stay at the BGI Academy, where rooms will be available from sunday afternoon at 18:00, so there will be plenty of time to settle into the rooms,  the official start of the camp Monday morning 9:00.

We advise all visitors staying at the BGI Academy to arrive early, since there will be a lot of people staying at the BGI Academy, and check-in therefore might take a while.

If you plan to stay at the BGI Academy remember to bring duvet, pillow, bedsheets and towels (these can also be rented for a reasonable price at the location).

Visitors must also remember to bring their insurance card,  medicine, cash for the kiosk (DKK or EUR) and leisure clothes for when you're not dancing.


Hotel Vejle Fjord

If you wish, it is possible to book  the luxury hotel Hotel Vejle Fjord only 20 min. drive from the camp facility.

The packages Camp Deluxe single room and Camp Deluxe double room both includes 5 nights stay at Hotel Vejle Fjord.

We warmly recommend packages including a stay at Hotel Vejle Fjord for our Senior and ProAm guests.

Pamper your mind, body, and soul at Hotel Vejlefjord.

Explore the huge selection of thermal baths, pools, saunas, steam baths and wonderful spa treatments that will surely provide a much deserved wellness experience after many hours of training at the Summer Dancecamp.


Summer Dance Cup

If you wish to stay at BGI from Saturday to Sunday, we can offer this for only 35 Euro (265 DKK)   per person incl. breakfast.

Note that you must have duvet / pillows / sheets / bedding with – otherwise it can be rented for 20 Euro (150 DKK) per person/set

Booking of accommodation can be made here