Group Layout and Program

Group Layout

At Summer Dance Camp we priorities that everyone gets the optimal education during the camp regardless of their level. We operate with 4- 5 different groups which will be presented at the beginning of the camp, to ensure that everyone receive instruction on one's own level.

Below we have defined the different levels we separate between, please make sure that you state your correct level when you enter for the camp.

Even though we are level separating the teaching.  There is plenty of time to meet and socialize with friends outside the classes. And every evening we have guided practise for all dancers together regardless of level.

Please see below how we define the different levels for you to use when entering our camp.

D -  C class : National level competitors with 1 - 2 years experience.

B class :         National level competitors with 3 -4 years experience.

A class :  Competitors with highest national level from Junior 2 and older

S class :  International level competitiors either 10 dance or specialists in  latin or standard for youth and older

Senior - Pro / Am : Can pick from all different groups and will have special groups for senior, pro/ am only.


Group warm-up for all participants.

Evening competitive practise in 3 sections; 1 standard, 1 latin and 1 mixed standard and latin.

Lectures where all groups can participate, by international teachers in in danish and english language.


The final detailled program will be published by 1. July 2019. until then you can enjoy the program from last year below  to get an idea of how we structure the camp.


At  Summer Dancecamp you will receive 24 lessons, including

– 4 morning warmups,
– 3 night practises and
– 4 lessons of alternative workshops varying between  psychology,  grooming  , alternative dancestyles and training theory.

Free practice available at most times during the day.

Thursday evening is the partynight with group shows from all participants finishing with a big party with professional DJ.