Summer Dancecamp started in 2011 with the first efter camp, and since then the camp has been an annual dance-mekka in Denmark.

Originally, the idea came after a training weekend when Frank Høgh, Peter and Kristina Stokkebroe talked about plans for the summer break.

Frank – being the parent of a dancer – thought it was a shame that there was no summercamp for dancers, as most other sports such as football, swimming, horseback riding had this kind of holiday activity.

Peter and Kristina were immediately in on the idea. Peter remembered that he as a young joined a summercamp called “Vejleugen” which, for him, was the highlight of the year, with a lot of dancing and enjoyment with dance friends and competitors, that he didn’t see on a daily basis.

Our first camp was held in 2011 with 100 participants, at a regular school in Horsens, the participants slept on mattresses in classrooms – a little primitive but very cozy. Even before the camp had ended, we could feel we had hit something which made resonance with the dancers, the idea of combining high professional level of dance education and time for sharing good time together with dancers from around the world, creating new lifetime friendships.

The first year we had a party with a show on the last night, which was a great evening. Already the 2nd year we had grown out of the location from the previous year – we found a new place, the BGI Academy, which is located a little outside of Horsens, Denmark. Here there was “real” accommodation and fantastic opportunities for dancing with 6 big ballrooms.

In 2012 we had almost 200 participants, and since then this number have increased each year. We have worked hard to get the best Danish and international teachers every year – to achieve the highest teaching quality as possible. Throughout the years we have had great help from our volunteer helpers who do a great job for all dancers and instructors to have a fantastic week.

Our vision: A training camp for Danish and international dancers, with a high level of education and space for all, for the development of friendships across age, nationality, clubs, studios and federations. Where the dance and the community are in focus. We believe that our vision has succeed, as we have had more than 1000 dancers over the years visiting and a lot of dancers that have been participating since the first year till this day.

One of the things we believe is the reason for our success is our respect for the dancers regardless of level, age and nationality – as well as the use of what is called “Danish cosiness”, which can be difficult to explain to foreigners, but as our volunteers have been wonderful to communicate, and illustrate.

We are aiming to develop the camp every year – so there are new experiences for the dancers without ever throwing away the good traditions, such as shows and party nights and bonfires. In 2018, our last initiative took place: Summer Dance Cup, which was our first tournament in connection with the camp.

Sadly, Frank Høgh passed away due to cancer in 2021. Frank was very passionate about Summer Dance Camp and our Summer Dance Cup. We will therefore continue hosting this amazing event each year in honor of his memory and the great work he put into organizing and developing Summer Dance Camp into what we have today as one of the biggest and greatest camps.

It has been a great trip to develop the camp from the start till today having hosted dancers from over 40 different countries and seeing happy dancers coming year after year.

Remembering our motto:

For everyone; from children to senior - from beginners to world champions!

Hope to see you – Peter & Kristina Stokkebroe