Senior / Pro-Am / Singles

Senior / Pro.-Am

Summer Dance Camp presents the best program for seniors and pro-am. pro-am. regardless of level  - therefore we have made a program you can tailor to fit your personal wishes.

The program includes:

8  Group lessons in standard ONLY FOR  SENIORS AND PRO-AM STUDENTS with some of our amazing teachers, who will be announced in June, when the final program is available.

In addition to these special groups, you can freely choose among over 80 other group classes and lectures spread out over the 4 days of the camp, or add private lessons from all of our teachers (at an additional cost), making your own personal program for the week.

We also offer a special senior “lounge” where you can retire and enjoy the breaks and evenings. In the lounge, there will be a selection of drinks and snacks at no additional cost. As a special gesture, we also provide access ONLY for Seniors and  Pro. Am students to the BGI Academy spa at the top of the training center overlooking the beautiful scenery.

All seniors and pro-am students will be accommodated in their own area if you choose to stay at the camp, otherwise, there is also the possibility of luxury accommodation at Hotel Vejle Fjord at a very special price when booking via sign up on this page (link for this will be published soon)

Since there are classes at different levels, there is both something for the experienced top dancer and for seniors and pro-am students who have only started or participated in a few competitions

In addition to classes, there will be a guided training every evening – for those of you who have the wish to join.

The last night there will also be our big “farewell” party with shows and entertainment and FREE Bar.

Total price for the camp with all the above included - please check the link


Camp inclusive stay: 5 nights at BGI and full board (5 meals a day) - please check the link


Remember, we are also hosting our Summer Dance Cup for seniors in connection with the camp. Please visit the page regarding  Summer Dance Cup, which can be found in the menu at the top of the website.

If there are questions regarding our senior/pro-am. offer, please do not hesitate to  contact

or contact Peter Stokkebroe on +4526834019


At Summer Dance Camp there will be focus on various parts of dancing. Even though the sport is for couples, we always have room for singles on the camp!

During the camp the focus will be on both techniques for the couple as a whole, but also for the individuel dancer. You will therefore still develop a lot as a dancer, even though you come as a single, since you will have extra time to focus on practicing the different techniques.

Attending the camp as a single therefore still leaves room to get the full experience  and lots of information to practise on afterwards. And who knows? Maybe even a partner!

Multiple singles attend the camp every year, and we see it as a great honor to try and match singles with each other, to ensure that everyone has a practise-partner during the camp for the couple-based techniques.

This is simultaneously also a great opportunity to maybe tryout a potentiel future partnership!