The venue

The camp takes place at a boarding school for sports named The BGI Academy in Hornsyld, a short distance outside of Horsens.

The boarding school offers classes in dancing and gymnastics and therefore does the venue hold great dancing facilities with big halls with mirrors and wooden floors.

The areas outside holds soccer fields, obstacle courses, parkour areas and a fireplace where we one evening will light the fireplace, have some great music playing, roast marshmallows and “hygge”! If you are not familiar with the term "hygge" already, we can assure you, that you will be after attending Summer Dance Cam

The accommodation are in houses with rooms containing 2, 4 or 6 beds, where you can request special roommates. We do not guaranty anything but we will try our best to meet as many wishes as possible.

Address for the BGI Academy is:

Gramvej 3,

8783 Hornsyld

You can get further information here: