Summer Dancecamp countdown

We invite you to the 13th edition of Summer Dancecamp!

On this page you can find everything you need to know about this very special event.

Summer Dancecamp is a training camp for all dancers. From children to seniors - from beginners to world champions, with age and level differentiated groups, and the highest level of teachers the dance world has to offer.

You will get new inspiration by training with dancers from all over the world and in all levels in the Standard and Latin American dances.

Welcome to our world of dance,

With love Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe

Summer Dance Cup
Sunday July 6th

Summer Dancecamp
Monday July 7th-11th


Accommodation: Sunday 6th to Friday 11th

Camp and workshops: Monday morning the 7th to Thursday evening the 11th


BGI Akadamiet
Gramvej 3, 8783 Hornsyld

Group & Camp schedule

As a camp for all levels and ages, we sort all participants into level and age-based groups to allow each participant to get the optimal education and instruction corresponding to your current level. This may therefore result in you being sorted into another group than most of your friends or those you usually practice with. Don’t worry! You will have plenty of time to socialize with your friends in between your groups and classes.
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When we plan the Camp Schedule, we strive to provide a schedule with a broad range of different lessons, lectures and physical practices that will cover various topics, dances and focus points. This is to ensure, you have plenty of information to keep working on, when you return home. Our intention is to keep you busy until the next Summer Dancecamp!
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The story about us

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How do i get there

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We are working hard every year to secure the best lineup of teachers for Summer Dancecamp. These teachers will be teaching groups and lectures during the camp program, and also be available for private lessons during the camp.

Check out our current lineup by clicking the button below. Please note that the lineup is in constant development, and new names will be added on an ongoing basis.