Camp schedule

Camp schedule

At Summer Dance Camp we prioritise that everyone gets the optimal experience and educational value.

During Summer Dancecamp you will each day have a schedule jam packed with classes, lectures, and physical evening practice.

Check in happens on Sunday (Saturday, if you purchase extra night accommodation).

Your camp starts on Monday morning 09.00 where we bid all of you welcome, followed by the daily morning warm up. We therefore recommend all participants to arrange their arrival for Sunday evening the latest, where check in will be possible in specified time slots. Your accommodation Sunday-Monday is included in the full camp accommodation-package.

Camp schedule

During the camp you will have more than 20 classes, lectures and practices during the camp, including:

  • 1 daily morning warmup that will get you ready for a full day of learning. This warmup is for all participants.
  • 2 daily lectures. The lecture is a seated 20-minute session where you will be receiving the TED-talk-like lecture from Top Level Teachers, sharing their knowledge, inspirations and perspectives on various topics
  • 1 evening practice Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, where we will be doing competition rounds, and finish of with solo’s and duels in our iconic Golden Circle where dancers with extraordinary performances, great energy and showmanship during the rounds will be called to the Golden Circle. This evening practice is for all participants.
  • 4 lessons of alternative workshops during the camp, varying between psychology, grooming, alternative dance styles, and training theory.
  • And access to free practice at most times during the day.

You will below find an example of how a usual daily schedule looks like on the camp.

Thursday evening, we have the famous Summer Dancecamp Party night, starting of the showcase groups performing the shows that they have spent the camp on preparing in between classes, lectures, and practices. The shows are also full of energy, high spirits, inspiration and top-level dancing and choreographies.

When the Summer Dancecamp Showcase Winner has been announced, we finish of the camp with a big party with a professional DJ.

Friday morning is reserved for check out, farewells and return travels. There will therefore be no classes or groups during this day. All participants are expected to leave BGI no later than 10.00 am.

The final Camp Schedule will be shared with participants directly on e-mail, but also uploaded to this website, Instagram and Facebook

Please note that Friday is reserved for your return travels and farewells. There will therefore be no classes or groups during this day. All participants are expected to leave BGI no later than 10.00 am.