Prices, age and level groups

As we are a competition for all levels and ages, we offer a wide range of age groups and competition levels for couples and solo dancers.

You can compete in up to maximum 4 categories, however, please note that by choosing more than 2 categories, the dancer must expect a tight schedule for your competitions.

To get a full overview of what dancers the individual age and level groups will be dancing, please see who dances what in the schedule provided here.


Age Groups

  • U10 solo
  • U12 Solo
  • U14 Solo
  • U16 Solo
  • U19 Solo
  • Juvenile U10
  • Juvenile U12
  • Junior U14
  • Junior U16
  • Youth U19
  • Youth U21
  • Adult U35
  • Professional
  • Pro / Am - Teacher / Student
  • Senior 1
  • Senior 2
  • Senior 3
  • Senior 4
  • Para Dancesport Combi

You can dance your own age group and additionally one age group higher except if you dance U35.

In Senior and Pro / Am , Teacher / Student you can enter your own age group and one age group lower.

This means

  • A youth U14 couple can enter U16 but not U19.

The exception will be U19 dancers they can enter in both U21 And U35

Please note that couples can enter maximum 4 competitions.

Please go to Rules & Regulations for definitions of age categories.


  • New Coming Stars
  • Rising Stars
  • International Level

You can only enter your level of qualification and 1 class higher which means

  • A New Coming Star dancer / Couple can also dance Rising Star and
  • A Rising Star Dancer / Couple can also dance Open level

Please go to Rules & Regulations for definitions of level categories.



Solo 1. Category : 25 Euro

Solo 2. Category : 10 Euro

Solo 3. Category : 10 Euro

Solo 4. Category : 10 Euro

Maximum 4 categories

Couples 1. category : 50 Euro

Couples 2. Category : 20 Euro

Couples 3. Category : 20 Euro

Couples 4. Category : 20 Euro

Maximum 4 categories