Senior / Pro-Am

Senior & Pro/AM

Senior / Pro.-Am

Summer Dance Camp presents the best schedule for seniors and Pro.-Am. regardless of level. We have made a schedule which you can tailor to fit your personal wishes.

The schedule includes:


8  Group lessons in standard which are only for seniors and Pro.-Am students, with some of our amazing teachers.

In addition to these special groups, you can freely choose between over 80 other group classes and lectures spread out over the four days of the camp or add private lessons from all our teachers (at an additional cost), making your own personal schedule for the week.

All seniors and Pro.-Am students will be accommodated in a specified “Senior House” if you choose to stay at the camp, which will ensure that you get to stay in a nice and quiet house. Otherwise, we also offer the possibility of luxury accommodation at the 4-star Spa Hotel, Hotel Vejlefjord at a very special price when booking via our registration system. Please note that transportation between the Hotel and the Camp venue will be at your own expense and coordination.

Since there are classes at different levels, there is both something for the experienced top dancers and for seniors and Pro.-Am students who have only started or participated in a few competitions.

Remember, we are also hosting our Summer DanceCup for seniors in connection with the camp. Please visit the page regarding Summer DanceCup to gain further information and register for the competition.