You dance better with a happy stomach

The BGI Academy’s kitchen staff  serves all meals during the camp.

Since the staff in the kitchen is used to feeding young athletes; the meals will of course be healthy and perfect for a week full of activities. You will during the day be served breakfast, lunch and dinner and a snack in the afternoon and in the evening before bedtime. There will furthermore be fruit and vegetables available to snack from during the entire day, everyday at the camp.

The camp also have a kiosk open everyday by the reception. Here we will sell water, soda, slush ice, chips, candy and much more!

In the kiosk we only take cash or the danish app-payment “mobile pay”.

Please note that if you have any speciel diet request (allergies, vegan/vegetarian diet) this has to be noted when you buy your ticket so we can inform the kitchen to prepare special food.