Summer Dancecamp countdown

Welcome to the 10th edition of  Summer Dancecamp.
On this page you can read everything about this very special event.

A training camp for all dancers.
From children to seniors - from beginners to world champions, with age and level differentiated classes, and the highest level of teachers the dance world have to offer.

You will get new inspiration  by training with dancers from all over the world in the Standard and Latin American dances.

Welcome to our world of dance with love Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe.

Summer Dance Cup
Sunday July 3

Summer Dancecamp
Monday July 4-8


BGI Akadamiet
Gramvej 3, 8783 Hornsyld

Group Layout & Program

We do our outmost to place everyone in the correct group. That might result in you not being in group with friends or those you usually practise with.
For us it is important that everyone gets the optimal education and receive instruction on one’s own level. With the program we have developed you will be receiving many different lessons.

The story about us

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How do i get there

Are you lost on your way to the camp?

Here is a tip or two about how you can get to our training camp