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Accelerate your development with private lessons....

If you wish to book private lessons during the camp,  please fill in the template down below.

We will do our very best to meet all requests, but cannot make any garanties. You will receive a final confirmation, including date and time for your private lessons one week prior to the camp.

This confirmation will also list the total price for the private lessons booked, the payment for private lessons must be settled in cash or bank transfer upon check-in at the first day of the camp.

The expert teachers are listed below according to their preferred dancestyle in their teaching.  If you do not find a teachers name under a specific style, it means they will not be teaching that style at Summer dance camp.


Standard / Ballroom :

Tania Kehlet, Emanuel Valeri , Justyna Hawkins, Hans Laxholm, Anne Laxholm, Peep Vardja, Giedrius Januskevicius, Sasha Melnikov, Jarek Marzec, Anita Langset, Genardjus Gunko, Diana Ribas, Simon Horsleben, Frank Radich, Benjamin Martin, Maria Kangasarov,, Mihai Petre.


Latin American :

Karina Rubio, Jaroslav Kucera, Mihai Petre, Franco Formica, Jurgen Neudeck, Graham Oswick, Sergey Surkov, Larisa Davidova, Diana Ribas, Peter Stokkebroe, Kristina Stokkebroe, Michelle Abildtrup, Juri Kagan, Martino Zanibellato, Simon Horsleben, Henrik Tøsbæk, Benjamin Martin, Søren Pilgaard, Maria Kangasarov, Toni Tuominen, Soile Nasanen, Kara Angrimsdottir,, Jarek Marzec.

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    Arrival / Leaving

    Alexandr Melnikov €130/45min.
    More about Alexandr Melnikov

    Emanuel Valeri €120/45min.
    More about Emanuel Valeri

    Franco Formica €150/45min.
    More about Franco Formica

    Jarek Marzec €80/45min.
    More about Jarek Marzec

    Jaroslav Kucera €110/45min.
    More about Jaroslav Kucera

    Jurgen Neudeck €150/45min.
    More about Jurgen Neudeck

    Andrius Brikmanis €90/45min.
    More about Andrius Brikmanis

    Justyna Hawkins €130/45min.
    More about Justyna Hawkins

    Kristina Stokkebroe €120/45min.
    More about Kristina Stokkebroe

    Maria Kangasaho €80/45min.
    More about Maria Kangasaho

    Martino Zanibellato €120/45min.
    More about Martino Zanibellato

    Mathias Kehlet €85/45min.
    More about Mathias Kehlet

    Michelle Abildtrup €120/45min.
    More about Michelle Abildtrup

    Peter Stokkebroe €120/45min.
    More about Peter Stokkebroe

    Sergey Sourkov €160/45min.
    More about Sergey Surkov

    Soile Nasanen €90/45min.
    More about Soile Nasanen

    Toni Tuominen €90/45min.
    More about Toni Tuominen

    Valeria Kehlet €85/45min.
    More about Valeria Kehlet

    Tania Kehlet €120/45min.
    More about Tania Kehlet

    Simon Horsleben €90/45min.
    More about Simon Horsleben

    Lasse Ødegaard €150/45min.
    More about Lasse Ødegaard

    Mihai Petre €100/45min.
    More about Mihai Petre

    Oksana Nikiforova €130/45min.
    More about Oksana Nikiforova